C3 Leadership College has an exciting prospectus lined up for each student involving a tailor-made internship opportunity for students to be trained in the areas they wish to develop in and gain skills through study and various internship placements.

Study: Internship placement options revolve around a foundation of shared core study components and individual mentoring, with students completing either a New Zealand Certificate in Christian Ministry (Level 4) or New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 5) and the New Diploma in Christian studies (level 6).

Internship Placement: The internship placement determines the areas of practical ministry relevant for training in a range of fields of church life and ministry, as well as input from some of the top ministers in the C3 Church movement.

Internship options include youth, worship, media & design, and leadership.

The programmes are offered through EDENZ Colleges (through their Lifeway Colleges department), who deliver the theoretical components and courses in the programme. This partnership allows C3 students to pathway into further study in the area of arts or ministry including a Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 6) or a Bachelor of Applied Arts (Christian Ministry Leadership). Graduates from this programme will be enabled to lead within the local church community.

Our aim is to develop students with security in knowing who they are in Christ, and confident in what He has called them to do. C3LC produces graduates who are empowered by the Word, equipped to pursue and fulfil their calling, effective in ministering the Gospel and trained to build the Church. This may be through Primal Youth or within a church department team.

Primal Planting Stream

Primal Youth churches have exploded across New Zealand, with one in almost every major city. The Primal Planting Stream is an opportunity to be a part of a cutting edge, pioneering team of passionate youth pastors hitting the streets and raising up a generation of young people to become strong influential leaders.
The internship stream involves one academic year of intensive training and preparation within C3 Auckland’s own City Primal where students are positioned in the team and encouraged to be ‘hands on’ with the inner clockwork and outreach of a thriving Primal. Students will also be given an opportunity to be a part of the new nationwide teen suicide prevention campaign and tour, UNDEFEATED.
Students may be selected to plant or grow a Primal Youth at the end of their training.
Be part of seeing the youth of New Zealand find their true identity, hope and purpose in their lives – join today!


Ministry Internship Stream

Change Young Adults Ministry
Change Auckland is the largest ministry within C3 Ellerslie, and is one of the largest Young Adults ministries in the C3 movement worldwide. There are many areas within Change for students to serve and complete practical applications of their ministry training, from worship and creative/design through to running O-Week outreaches in the universities throughout Auckland. A Change internship is a great way to be a part of impacting the soon-to-be leaders of this country.

Worship & Production
C3 Auckland has a long history of worship and song writing that has seen our music go out across the nation and the world. Be a part of the team that plans, mixes, lights, writes, and produces our Sunday worship and brings our church into the presence of God. From stage design and lighting through to playing in the band and leading worship, an internship through worship and production will provide a platform for students to truly get involved and grow their giftings.

Media & Design Collective
C3 Auckland has a booming design and media team, and is renowned throughout the C3 movement for its top level creative and visual communication work. Completing an internship through the media and design collective means working alongside qualified, experienced and talented designers to help tell the C3 story and communicate our message in a relevant and engaging way with print, ambient, digital, photographic and video based mediums.

Undefeated Tour
Primal Youth has launched a national teen suicide awareness campaign and high school tour, called Undefeated. An internship with UNDEFEATED will see students gain top-level event management skills, travelling the country organising and assisting in bringing an explosive Hip Hop & Dance show with a message of Hope to high-schools all across
New Zealand.

Be part of pioneering our dynamic intermediate youth ministry for the future, expanding the Friday night Fast Track programme and breaking into a new territory of intermediate school outreach events. A Fast Track internship helps develop a strong an unshakeable faith in 11-12 year olds during their fundamental years before entering high-school. Our aim is to allows them to know who they are in God and be a light in their school. Be part of planting Fast Tracks around NZ and developing a generation of youth that are not being influenced but are the influencers!
C3 Kids
A strong kids ministry is an essential part of any healthy church. Each week C3 Auckland run an exciting and dynamic kids’ program where youngsters not only have fun beyond belief but get to discover who they are in Christ in a way that connects with them. Come and be a part of an awesome team as a C3 Kids Church intern, where you will not only learn some great tools and skills but will get first-hand experience in communicating and ministering to kids.

Primal Leadership
Primal is an exciting vibrant youth movement throughout New Zealand. Be part of injecting hope and purpose into the lives of young people and seeing the next generation take ground and make a stand. Primal is a movement rich in heritage and filled with radical young people willing to live for something greater than themselves! Learn how to effectively lead, evangelise, manage teams, reach high schools, build a strong relationship with the community, communicate and run effective events. Develop you faith and be pushed out of your comfort zone. Be part of seeing young people’s lives transformed and ignited with a God given call! 

Core Modules

C3 Leadership College Core Modules*

Preaching and

Whether it is speaking in front of 5 or 500 people, this module will equip students with the confidence and skills to communicate to groups in a marketplace or ministry context. Students will learn literary principles of rhetoric through speaking and writing enabling them to plan and prepare talks, sermons, and presentations as well as points on effective delivery. Students will hear from experienced preachers and marketplace presenters who will expose them to a wide range of skills and techniques developing them into effective communicators.


Developing leadership skills is a key part of any ministry training, and is at the heart of C3 Leadership College. This module will give students an in depth understanding of the nature and role of true leadership, hearing from speakers who are well experienced in significant leadership roles within the church and the marketplace, including exclusive content from Phil Pringle and the Phil Pringle School of Leadership.


Serving a living God requires a knowledge that He truly is alive and moving amongst us in supernatural ways. This module gives students an understanding of the Scriptural and practical principles relating to the Christian doctrine of healing, signs, deliverance, prophecy, and miracles in the 21st Century. Students will receive training and guidance from experienced ministers and have the opportunity to put their faith into action through genuine applications of these principles.

New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 5) – Christian Leadership Strand courses

An overview of Systematic Theology and the core doctrines of the Christian faith

Exploration of the Christian faith so that each student will grow in an understanding and practice of the principles of the spiritual life.

An overview of the biblical foundations of ministry and leadership dynamics with implications for service in a local church or workplace

A survey of the Old and New Testament, its story, genres and unified message

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Effective Youth &
Young Adults Ministry

This module is essential to those interested in the Primal Planting stream or the Ministry Internship with Change Young Adults. Students will cover training in being an effective Youth/Young Adults Leader in the context of
New Zealand society, studying various dynamics of leadership specific to Youth and Young Adult Ministry.
The module examines youth and young adult culture and some of the issues associated, providing guidelines on developing the students’ own leadership capacity and those whom they lead. Combined with practical application, students will be able to create and run an effective Y/YA ministry.


Leadership development and practice calls for one to live beyond their comfort zone. This module is designed to help students test themselves in outdoor environments involving intense physical team building activities and challenges. This module involves a number of events throughout the year, but is covered largely through Extreme Camp. Exclusive to C3 Leadership College, Extreme Camp will in an unapologetic and unreserved way, teach students the value of patience, submission, and learning to work with both the shortcomings of themselves and others.

Life’s Tough

In Christian ministry and leadership, we will all find ourselves asking or being asked some common but very difficult questions in need of good answers. This is a new and much loved module that aims to provide solid theological and spiritual teaching to back up some of these answers that are so widely sought after.

*these course are provided through C3 International and are not accredited through NZQA.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

You Require

  • Proof of citizenship with a current passport or NZ birth certificate
  • Legal entitlement to study in New Zealand with appropriate immigration and/or refugee status, and
  • When English is not the first language of the student – an academic score of 6.0 with no band score lower than 5.5
  • International students must produce certified copies of their official English Language Test Results (IELTS) or equivalent.

Entry By Programme

  • Entry requirements for the NZDSC4 are as above
  • Entry requirements for the NZDSC5 are as above plus completion of high school
  • Entry requirements for the NZDSC6 are as above plus a student must first complete the NZDCS5 programme
  • Recognition of Prior Learning from previous qualifications will be made at the discretion of EDENZ Colleges.

To become a student:

As an applicant you will be evaluated on the basis of your interest and suitability for placement in to a Christian ministry internship, your references, and your previous experience and academic records.

Steps to apply:

You must complete two application forms:

  • An EDENZ application form can be found here
  • Church based application. This application form must be submitted with 2 reference forms, one of those being from the student’s church pastor and the other from family and or past employer/teacher/professional counsellor. Students must be committed Christians and will be required to attend Sunday services at C3 Church Auckland during their study. Students must agree to course code of conduct.
    If you would like to have the forms mailed to you, send your full name, address and contact numbers to:
    PO Box 11406
    Auckland 1051
    C3 Leadership College
    20 Cawley St, Ellerslie
    Auckland 1051, New Zealand
    09 579 1716

Study/Intake Details

We run two intakes annually, commencing late January and early July (International Internship available in July intake only). Students are based at the C3 Auckland offices four days per week but there will be times where students will be required to be available for other events, outreaches, and camps.

Ministry Qualifications

EDENZ Colleges, through their Lifeway College department and C3 Leadership College International Program is designed to establish and enhance leadership skills. All applicants should ideally have a year or more of experience in their desired field of development. All applicants accepted into the course will be placed into a position of responsibility to provide a year of active experience in ministry with approximately 50% of practical internship and 50% of classroom teaching.

Areas of ministry

Youth, Young Adults, Intermediate, UNDEFEATED Tour, Administration, Worship*, Production/Technical Support, Design/Creative**
*Worship applicants must provide at least three links/videos of themselves leading worship.
**Design/Creative applicants must provide a portfolio of their design/web, photography, and video work.

Please note this international course is not for beginner level applicants. Each application will be thoroughly reviewed and prayed over. If an applicant does not meet requirements they will not be selected to be a part of the international course.


Additional Documentation

  • One page essay stating why you want to do this course and what area of ministry you are interested in. Please describe your strengths and weaknesses in an academic environment
  • Pastor’s Reference — Strong recommendation from the Pastor you are currently serving under
  • Alternate References — Two recommendations: One from family, and one from an adult authoritive associate (past employer, teacher, professional counselor etc)

Application Details

    If you would like to have the forms mailed to you, send your full name, address and contact numbers to:

    PO Box 11406
    Auckland 1051
    C3 Leadership College
    20 Cawley St, Ellerslie
    Auckland 1051, New Zealand
    09 579 1716

Course Details

New Zealand Certificate in Christian Ministry – Level 4

New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies – Level 5

New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies – Level 6

The purpose of these qualifications is to provide Christian churches and their agencies with people who can support and enhance the experience of their communities.

Internship: The aim of the internships is to allow students to engage with and support their faith communities as guides, mentors and leaders in a local church or workplace. This may lead to employment or voluntary positions in a church or para-church organisation

These programmes are 120 credits in length which equates to approximately 46 weeks (i.e. 40 academic weeks + 6 weeks of holidays). If students start mid-year, the total delivery weeks including holidays may total 49 weeks. Students receive 20 hours of directed learning per week (approximately 3 days per week) and are expected to contribute another 10 hours of self-directed learning per week (this is on average).

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